To change

To change Never be engaged in cookin do not undertake hot handles of pans, do not touch caustic solutions until hold the kid on hands.

Change of diapers To change diapers to kids it is necessary thousands times.

Once you will catch yourselves on thought as remarkably you consult with change of diapers, but absolutely not worse does it your husband.

To change diapers it is necessary, as soon as they become wet.

It will protect skin of the kid from irritation and rash.

Newborns urinate times per day.

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Now are not necessary

Now are not necessary They can be led round, the received contours then to shade with color pencils exercise learns to own writing tools.

The geometrical material of elementary school can be considered as continuation of familiar exercises.

It reminds metal loose leaves.

But each frame is attached to a square plate basis.

Now are not necessary neither special lecterns, nor frames, as for other loose leaves.

Each figure is complete and independent.

Plate white, contour green, and the loose leaf, mobile part, red.

When the loose leaf lies on the place, the red figure in a green frame turns out.

Mobile loose leaves are made not of one, and from many parts fixed on white space of a plate.

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Never bend

Never bend Children rejoice your proximity and expand the knowledge about world around, and you liberate hands for another matters.

Being accepted to affairs, do not forget about security measures of the child in carrying.

Show consideration for the prevention of the manufacturer of restrictions of use of carrying.

To what weight of a body of the child it is possible to use your carrying Accurately place the child in carrying.

Never bend down, if the child is in carrying.

It can drop out.

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Interestingly. What

Interestingly. WhatAt children more is present simultaneous ~scientific research institute of and the world in interaction with each other.

In behavior of the child itit is shown in its aspiration actively to enter in personal and active otno ~sheniye with all subjects drawing attention.

It it is especially rumpled ~but during free walks.

Here the column is driven.


What it I will try, whether it is possible its races ~to swing I will check, whether it is possible to climb on itFig.

Competition in knocking down of iciclesPhoto M.

Sanfirovchto is done by the city child on walkRelationship comes to the end, when interest comes to an end.

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What science

What science Found out that the malaria plazmodiya, causing a disease, it is transferred both to animals, and people by a special version of a mosquito.

What science condition on the eve of opening was In Laveran described a microorganism destroying at animals red blood little bodies and causing by the activity temperature increase.

Further studying confirmed and specified these data, Plasmodium Malariae was recognized as all.

Also recognized that these microorganisms at first breed division, that is from one cage the set of others, identical to the first turns out, and then they turn into raznopoly individuals, man's and female, incapable of division separately, it is necessary for them to incorporate, that the organism renewed the life cycle.

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